How does a mortgage agent work?

18 Oct

Mortgage agents is a buzz word these days! How do they work? Are they really a must hire? Read on to find out!

Mortgage agents are middlemen between you and the lender. But they don’t just introduce you and let you carry on the hard work. They can help you save a ton of money on your mortgage as well as increase its speed!

Many Canadians are preferring to hire mortgage agents as they provide access to exceptional deals. Having someone who can guide you through the process can really change the mortgage experience for anyone!

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How does a mortgage agent work?

  •  The mortgage agent understands and analyzes your needs and financial status
  • They then help you prepare your mortgage application accordingly
  •  They send it to their many lenders who then return their best offers for you
  •  The mortgage agent will then compare and send you the best rate
  •  They can even negotiate on your behalf
  •  They oversee the paperwork
  •  They check in periodically with offers for refinance and renewal


A mortgage agent ensures that you are getting the best out of your mortgage deal. When you go to a bank, you are stuck with one lending option and no flexibility. Whereas, a mortgage agent can get you deals which work according to your needs.

Mortgage agents help you factor more than just the interest rate. They can help you get better options for premiums and an amortization period which can help you get debt free faster!

The work of a mortgage agent doesn’t end when your deal is signed! They have to have a thorough knowledge of the market and this helps them keep you aware of the rates and when to take advantage of them!

Mortgage agents work for you and are definitely worth the hire! They can help you get the best deals with almost no effort on your part!

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