Self Employed Mortgage Lender

Self Employed Mortgage Lender

Is getting a mortgage hard for the self-employed?

Self employed persons find it very difficult to secure mortgages with a low rate of interest as they show less income on paper. Self employed mortgage lenders have to invest with extreme caution and almost always charge higher interest rates. The lenders of self employed mortgages will check multiple aspects of your business and income before they lend you the money.

Self Employed Mortgage Documents

Things you can do to seem attractive and seem as a lower risk are:

  • Provide proof of income.
  • Provide other necessary documentation.
  • Maintain a good credit score.
  • Plan ahead and organize yourself.
  • Be prepared to pay a little more down payment than usual.



Every self employed mortgage lender will require proof of your income. It is best to provide at least 2 years’ average income.

Any other necessary income statements or registration papers must be provided to the self employed mortgage lender.

You must maintain a good credit score to seem trustworthy and responsible to the self employed mortgage lender.

You must be ready to pay a sum higher than the norm as you are a high risk client when compared to a non self employed person.

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Why choose direct mortgage services?

Consulting a mortgage professional and planning how you can secure the best mortgage for yourself with them gives you the benefit of gaining real insight into how you can work your self-employed status for your benefit. Vikrant Arya has the right solutions for you.

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